Ten-time all-star Ichiro Suzuki has been traded to the New York Yankees for a pair of minor league pitchers. The Mariners are also throwing in nearlhttp://www.businessinsider.com/photo-this-minnesota-twins-fan-loves-joe-mauer-a-little-too-much-2012-7#y $8 million in cash to help offset the $10 million Ichiro is still owed this season.

Understandably, many immediately wondered why the offensively challenged Rays couldn’t have made this deal, considering the prospects involved are not considered big-time.

Well, despite a career .322 batting average, Ichiro — how do I put this kindly — SUCKS this year. How bad?Ichiro is hitting just .261 with 4 home runs, a .288 OBP and a very pedestrian .281 wOBA (like OPS, but better). Here is how Ichiro’s wOBA compares to Rays hitters (min. 200 plate appearances; average wOBA is around .335)…

That’s right, Carlos Pena and Elliot Johnson have been better hitters this season. Of course, Ichiro can play gold glove defense. But so can the three outfielders the Rays already have.

Now, maybe Ichiro has a little left in the tank. But he wasn’t much better last year either (.289 wOBA). And that’s not the kind of help the Rays are looking for right now.



  1. Don says:

    A 260 hitter is Not hitting worse than Pena(190). For less than Scott(.220) and Pena is making I would have taken a shot............ the guy can hit and maybe he could have told Matsui to "scram" in Japanese..

    • Dave L says:

      Batting average doesn't cross the plate and get counted on the scoreboard. Batting average doesnt push runs across the plate and get counted on the scoreboard.

      Check out my last post on the initial Ichiro post which goes to Corks points.

      Its not 1970. Try to take advantage of simple ideas which have been around for a while and expand your mind beyond what you LL coach taught you, when it comes to winning MLB games.

  2. Dave L says:

    My thoughts after stepping in the initial turd of a response and scraping my sandal of the excrement and moving on.....

    Yeah but Cork they can afford a twilight aging but still scrappy Ichiro, its not like he's plugged in as an everyday starter.

    Wish we had the luxury last game -last guy on the bench.

    Hapless Matsui-san OR

    Overmatched gritty dirt scooper OR


    Who would you rather have?

    Nice luxury for the rich.

  3. Rob says:

    Not saying that the Rays should trade for a guy like Ichiro, but this tells me GMs are on the phone making deals (Cubs-Braves made one today too).

    This team is not going to win a WS the way it is currently constructed. So, you have one of three options. Do nothing and be okay with a .500 season and lots of questions next year. Trade pitching for bats if anyone is willing to bite and try to make a run (or at least put someone in the lineup that makes watching them fun again). Or, build for the future and trade your better performers to contenders for prospects.

  4. Pablo says:

    The hot bat is not always the way to go...runs across the plate is what counts...and that's what the Yankees do...witness most of their other featured players...none of them have tremendous BAs but they put runs across the plate. They get the single/double when it's needed. Deter is great at it, so are most of the other Yankees. You can see it when they go to the plate...a potential home run hitter gets a hit with one or two on base...drives in the run...a seasoned player does that for you...witness Damon, or Ichiro. That's what counts and the Yankees know it...that's why the Yankess are who they are and where they are today. If the Rays want a WS they need to put together a SOLID team, not a bunch of flash in the pans...all show and no go.

  5. Hal says:

    Here's what I don't get: How is Ichiro and upgrade over Wise? Second question: What would stop the Rays from scooping up Wise and dumping Messui?

  6. paul says:

    Why on earth would the yanks sign him?


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