In recent years, we rarely get to see Don Zimmer in his jersey. So it is a bit exciting to get a view of Zim Bear’s back for the first time (click here to see the front) and see that this weekend’s giveaway does indeed have Zimmer’s no. 64 on the back (If you are wondering why this is kinda/sorta a big deal, I will explain below)…

As many of you are aware, Zimmer changes his uniform number every year to reflect the number of seasons he has been in professional baseball. And it may seem silly, but his uniform number is a tradition, and also, in some regards, a celebration of a life dedicated to baseball (Zim once said that his first social security check was the first check he ever cashed outside of baseball).

Unfortunately, for the last couple of seasons, Zim is always wearing a jacket…

Not that I have been losing sleep over this, but the only two times I have seen Zim in his jersey the last two seasons is on photo days. And on those days, we never get a view of the back of his jersey (If anybody knows of any pics of Zim with his number 64, I’d love to see it).

So it is a bit of a technicality, but thanks to Zim Bear, we finally get a view.

[UPDATE] This is odd. I was just looking through the Tampa Bay Rays page on Pinterest. And coincidentally, they just posted this pic of the Zim Bear two days ago. But look, it is wearing no. 61, which Zimmer wore in 2009.

My guess is that this is an early prototype, and that the company that makes these just looked for a picture of Zim to figure out his number and found one from 2009, not realizing that he changes his number each season. Somebody with the Rays likely noticed the error and the correction was made in mass production.



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