The phrase “oh, how the mighty have fallen” is often overused. But it seems appropriate when we found out that former Rays and Devil Rays ace Scott Kazmir will sign this week with the Sugar Land Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League (via Ken Rosenthal).

Kazmir made just one start with the Angels last season before being released. He had a 5.31 ERA in 35 starts with the Angels after being acquired in a trade from the Rays in 2009.

Prior to that, Kazmir made 144 starts with the (Devil) Rays over six seasons, posting a 3.92 ERA. He led the AL in strikeouts in 2007 with 239.



  1. ali says:

    Growing up watching this team, Kazmir will always be a big part of my love for this franchise. The guy was an amazing pitcher. Kazmir was one of the few bright spot for the Devil Rays, him and Crawford were my favorite players. So I wish him nothing but the best.

    • Sarah says:

      Back in 2006/7 I would figure out when he'd be pitching on a home stand and buy tickets for that game. The rest of the starting lineup was painful to watch. I will always appreciate him.

  2. zenny says:

    Scotty's struggles are a real a shame. He was lots of fun to watch when he was going good.

    His problems are all in his head, imo; it's a perfect example of bring encumbered by the thought process. Here's hoping that he'll get it together and find more success.

  3. don says:

    How much Pot does $18,000 a year buy in Sugarland?

  4. Hal says:

    He may have had head problems, but his real problems are in his arm. He was a power slider pitcher who lost his power and velocity. He used to be the only reason to go to D-Rays games and I think that it sucks that it ended so poorly for him.


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