This may be the Rays’ best throwback game yet.

According to the good folks at, the Rays will wear throwback uniforms on June 30 from a team that never existed, the 1979 Tampa Bay Rays…

The Tampa Bay Rays are planning on holding a Turn Back the Clock game where they will wear the uniforms of the 1979 Tampa Bay Rays. [T]he logo and jersey script is not the same as the current 2012 Rays looks, it’s all been re-created to look as if it was designed in the ’70s…the cap with the alternate coloured front-panel, the pullover jersey with sleeves in another colour from the base, thick sleeve striping and some good old-fashioned powder-blue.

Of course, there was no Tampa Bay Rays team in 1979. The idea is that these uniforms will look like what the Rays might have looked like had they existed in 1979. Images of the uniforms are not available yet.

We have long wanted to make a throwback Rays jersey (although we were toying with the 1930s). The Rays have now saved us the trouble and will do it for us. And we couldn’t be more excited.



  1. KillaTapes says:

    This is smart. I can't wait, and I will be most likely (barring a total design screw up), purchasing some of this gear. Awesome

  2. Kyle says:

    Cool idea, excited to see them.

  3. Steve says:

    Where can I buy these? I even want the pants. Thanks

    • Cork Gaines says:

      The jerseys and caps are available at the shop. The pants, however, will be trickier. You'll have to check different companies to see if somebody has the right color.


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