Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

How nice it was this afternoon to be reminded why the Rays forked over the big bucks for Karlos Pena.

His feast-or-famine, make-you-suffer plate appearances drive Joe insane, but his second homer of June let Rays fans feast for a change, with Pena drilling a first-pitch fastball into the right-field seats for a three-run bomb in the eighth inning to beat the Phillies 3-2.

Some sparkling defense by B.J. Upton, ninth-inning execution by Sean Rodriguez and Pena, and the Rays doing enough to get Cole Hamels out of the game, led to David Price getting his well earned 10th win of the season. Another couple of wins and he might just get that starting A.L. All-Star nod.

Game 1 of this doubleheader was Rays baseball the way it’s supposed to look in the grand master plan. Let’s hope Game 2 brings more of the same, even with what is sure to be a wacky lineup.





  1. Paul W says:

    I know this is off-topic but I was watching the olympic trials and Tony McQuay from the 400m HAS to be related to BJ Upton

  2. s says:

    what have i been bitching about for a while? swing the bat with runners in scoring position. stop taking pitches for strikes.

    carlos came up with two men on and the pitcher was struggling to make a pitch. carlos knows that and is counting on him to groove one right down the middle. what happens? down the middle, swinging hard at first pitch strike and "winner, winner, chicken dinner", homer.

    how hard was that? swing at strikes, don't get caught looking, and the outcome is positive.


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