Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Forget about the stunning Rays win tonight for half a second, what a treat it was to hear Rays fans coming through the TV extra loud and clear in Miami. It’s great to be on the other end of that home-game humiliation for a change.

Back to the game, you know something special is happening when Jose Molina goes the other way to drive in a run. And it was so extra satisfying to see Ozzie Guillen march out to the mound to bark at Carlos Zambrano in the third inning and then Ben Zobrist promptly drilled a two-run bomb to give the Rays a 7-2 lead enroute to the 13-4 win. Brilliant theater.

Joe was most pleased to see Matt Moore gain more confidence with another W, and get the hero’s dugout welcome after laying down a perfect squeeze bunt. Considering how many Rays have screwed that play up this year, it was darn good to see some fundamental baseball.

Zobrist finished with a perfect night at the plate, and an aggressive Elliot Johnson with four hits hopefully knocked him back to the overachiever status he was riding in May.

Order is now restored with the good guys on pace to win 93 games and sitting with the best record in the American League.





  1. Chamber10 says:

    We just returned to our home north of Ft. Lauderdale after a THOROUGHLY enjoyable evening in Miami...What can I say? Tampa Bay came south today!! Overwhelming was the sheer number of Rays fans sporting all manner of Rays Gear and our Rays did not disappoint by treating us all to a complete exhibition of RaysBall! Credit where credit is due--the folks in Miami have done an amazing job crafting baseball's newest, and in my opinion, BEST shrine to the complete baseball experience. I only hope that Bill Foster and his cohorts made the trip south to see what the future needs to look like, and hopefully realized that though the Trop is perfectly functional as a venue, its days are numbered as are the Rays days in St. Pete. Thanks Rays for giving us a chance to dust off our gear and walk around glancing knowingly at each other in someone else's new home--for a change!

  2. Joe says:

    This has finally been a fun series to watch so far (well, the pace of game 1 wasn't too fun but the offense was!) now it's someone who can still be our co ace with Price. James Shields has imploded in 1 inning in each of his last 2 starts, if he can avoid that 1 big inning, combined with the sleepy Marlin bats, CG Shields can make his return, I think he threw 2 against the Marlins last year.

  3. don says:

    Seems to be a lot of Rays fans around the state, what does the Rays or local politicians do to get them to Come to ST. Pete Beach for a weekend of baseball,sun & fun?.....nothing that I can see??
    Zobrist & Johnson should be 1/2 in batting order, then Jennings/joyce/Upton/then who cares....
    There you have something Maddon..never happen..too logical

  4. Ken says:

    Great to see the support our team got in a venue away from home. Fans here in the Bay Area need to wake up, get off their butts and get to the Trop. People, despite our many injuries, we have one of the best teams in the game. No excuses...if we don't support them I'm sure another city would be happy to...two big series coming up, get out and rock the house.


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