Joe is back with his post-game thoughts…

Don’t expect Rays reliever Joel Peralta to spend much vacation time in the nation’s capital. So far, he probably wants to play in Japan.

Two nights after getting caught with pine tar on his glove (Davey Johnson has been up to these tricks for decades), Peralta enters the Rays game tonight with a chance to hold the contest in a tie, giving the usual Rays punchless offense a prayer.

Instead, Peralta is tagged for a two-run double by the immortal Danny Espinosa.

Joe has to wonder how much the pine tar incident has gotten to Peralta’s head? Maybe he should consult with George Brett?

Anyway, it’s off to Philadephia and a three-game set with the dangerous Phillies. Time to turn the page on Johnson’s high jinks. If Peralta isn’t suspended by then, hopefully he can forget his Washington nightmare.



  1. Joe says:

    Game was lost on the Tyler Moore at bat. EXTREMELY hot night and Moore's AB, although an out, dictated terms of the inning.

  2. s says:

    dear maddon,
    STOP taking F-ing pitches when we get a RISP. swing the F-ing bat. it takes 4 F-ing walks to "drive in" a run. it only takes ONE F-ing hit to drive in a run. we take, take, take, and then we're stuck in a situation where we are forced to "make a decision" on a pitch. SB are USELESS with this team because they are immediately followed by a walk.

    we have two players on this team that swing the bat and unfortunately for us they also have they worst mechanics/swings on the team. without stellar pitching, we will fail miserably if all we do is depend on walks and timely hitting.

    how many times do we have to ride this merry-go-round before we realize this?

    • don says:

      Been saying the same for years...Zobrist (one of our best hitters) draws a walk with a man what? next guy(s) makes an out...inning over...Other team wins..Old story...


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