This is a little outside of our comfort zone. But if you will allow us this one moment of pride, something kinda fun happened for us today on the MLB Network. JB Long was reporting from The Trop for MLBN’s #TheRundown when he was asked about our report yesterday that BJ Upton seems to hit better when he is wearing high-cuffed pants.

The segment, which can be seen below, includes a nice shoutout to us.

Of more importance is Long’s report that Upton will indeed be wearing stirrups tonight.

Here’s the video (via The MLB Network)…



  1. Rumpy says:

    Very cool. I would be interested in how much of a spike you get in people checking out the site because of the shoutout. Let us know!

  2. Its very interesting to me how BJ is phsycologically is effected by little things. Like batting in Carl Crawfords 2 hole or high stirrup socks. BJ has the ability to carry this team on his back like in the Red Sox playoff series in our World Series run. He was unbelievable!

    Joe Maddon just has to figure out how to keep BJ in focus.

  3. JoeRaysFan says:



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