We’re convinced that the only people in the United States that still use wired landline phones are baseball teams when they are calling the bullpen or the clubhouse. And here the Marlins have this beautiful new progressive ballpark which would have been the perfect opportunity to try something new.

How hard would it be to have a monitor with videochat capabilities or an iPad where the coach just taps the name of the pitcher he wants warming up and then shows him a video feed from the bullpen to verify they got the message?

Then again, if Jim Hickey can’t figure out how to use a landline phone, maybe we should hold off on 21st Century technology…



  1. don says:

    What do you want for $600Mil...29,000 fans( how many visiting Rays fans) about the same as a weekend night at the "dump" in ST. petersburg, Don't worry Miami tax payers it will pay off in the long run (for the owners)... Stuie is drooling

  2. Dave L says:

    At least they will be the canary in the coal mine as far as getting grass to grow in a retractable dome in Florida.

    Our radio boys likened the outfield to a fairway at a Muni golf course...Ouch!

    Didn't hear the TV guys touch on it on either broadcast but I split time so I may have missed it.

    By the time someone comes up with money for one here that is, they will have plenty of time and seasons to work that one one out!

    Wonder how attendance will hold up against the Heat in game 7 a few blocks away?

  3. Michael says:

    It's against MLB rules to have an iPad in the dugout

    also who cares

    landline phones are there for a reason, they are virtually infallible

    pretty sure you'd want line phones in NORAD or the Pentagon

    • Steve O says:

      Replay used to be against the rules also. Things change. And if they are so infallible what happened to the Cardinals in the World Series? I'm guessing Cards fans cared at the time.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Actually, if they use landlines for the next 100 years I'll be just fine. So if "caring" is important then you got me there. This was more of just a casual observation than an organized protest hoping to change the course of sport forever.

      But I will add that communication is far more important in football and they manage just fine with wireless communication.

      And if telling the bullpen what pitcher to warm up needs the same level of security as NORAD then I guess it's OK to keep the landlines.

  4. Kurt Smith says:

    Perhaps they had to cut corners to get that home run thing in center field built...

  5. JB says:

    What a horrible argument. I'm a Rays fan, and even to me this seems like a reach. Who cares how the dugout calls the bullpen. There's a wired phone in the oval office, but people don't get angry about that. Come on Joe, you're better than this idiotic article.

    • Longofan567 says:

      Joe didn't write this article. Cork did, just like 99% of the articles are on here. And you guys need to calm down. Do you guys make wired phones or something? Being afraid to change is why hardly anybody under 50 calls baseball their favorite sport.

    • Dave L says:

      It was light hearted and not a serious outrage of an article.

      Tranquilo Papi!

      Luke Scott is the only one besides Matsui who has played multiple games against Zambrano and he has been successful so if he isnt playing theen he's hurt.

      Matsui has hit him a little so dont freak out if he's playing too


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