1) Probably worse than we thought; 2) Very

Joe Maddon spoke with the media yesterday about Evan Longoria and his injured hamstring (via Joe Smith of TampaBay.com). And he doesn’t sound very optimistic…

“I don’t think we’re going to see a whole lot of advancement right now in the near future…It definitely was a setback, there’s no question about it…It wasn’t a good thing. It could be something that he could get over rather quickly; we just have to play it right, right now, but definitely not something we were looking for.”

Longoria was pulled from a rehab assignment after experiencing “discomfort” in the same hamstring he tore earlier in the season. And at the time, there were at least some concerns from the folks in Durham that Longo had re-torn the hamstring.

However, two days later, Longoria told the media that he was “pretty sore” but that he “[didn’t] view it as a huge setback.” But the quotes from Maddon does make it sound like a major setback, and that something happened that was worse than just soreness.

So, how long will Longoria be out?

After the first injury, Longo missed seven weeks before starting a rehab assignment. If there is a new tear, you can be sure it will be more than seven weeks this time.

Seven weeks from the re-injury would be early August. Ten weeks would be early September and there might not even be minor league games for a rehab assignment (Durham Bulls season ends Sept. 3).

Should we be concerned that Longoria is out for the season? Probably not. But there is a real possibility we won’t see him back in a Rays uniform until September, and he will be rusty.



  1. Dre says:

    am i the only one starting to get concerned about Evan's annual major injuries given how young he is?

    • Rob says:

      Nope, you are not the only one. Elliot Johnson is a more valuable player than Longoria at this point because EJ is available.

      Lots of muscle issues with this team - I hope the Rays emphasize that these guys need to keep hydrated. Dehydration, whether from caffeine, alcohol, or just lack of fluids in general contributes to muscle pulls.

  2. This is real bad news.

  3. Grace says:

    You know what? The Royals swept us and their park was full. KC fans showed up jsut because they love their team.
    Good or bad these are our Rays and we need to be there for them. See you tonight everyone.

    • Rob says:

      Royals' stadium was 50% full for two of the games and 68% full for the other.

    • Alex says:

      19,228 (50.4% full) - % is based on regular season capacity

      Yea that game was real full...

      25,982 (68.1% full) - % is based on regular season capacity


      20,200 (52.9% full) - % is based on regular season capacity

      Nope sorry. You fail

    • Rob says:

      The Rays were 57% full last night to see the Tigers hit the ball all over the field off Big Lame James.

      • s says:

        Wanna know why our attendance suffers and why our prime games aren’t even sellouts all the times anymore? Price. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the resale market. People down here are still under the delusion that it’s cheaper to fly down here from Boston or New York to see a game and buy tickets. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We can’t give away those seats, and yet people and the Rays still try to sell them for a inflated price.

        Compare the mid and upper levels on seatgeek, you’ll be surprised.

        Friday night game in sept at yankee stadium
        Middle level seats sect 212 (home side)
        Bad seats $15

        Wed night game vs Yanks at trop
        Middle level seats sect 200’s (cheapest anywhere)
        Bad seats $26

        Yeah, yeah I know its not apples to apples on location(close though), but it is a Wed in St Pete and a Friday in NYC. Our cheap ticket prices in the trop are a hose job, especially when we are constantly whining about attendance. And no, it's not a demand issue, cause we barely drew 20K avg for the last Boston homestand.

  4. Thad says:

    I was there. While decent weekday crowds, Kauffman was hardly full. I'm not even sure half full would be accurate. Tickets sold maybe, but not actual attendance.

  5. Lane Meyer says:

    It may be time to look for a better option at 3B and lean toward moving Evan to 1B next season to keep him healthier.

    • Alex says:

      That diminishes his value even more though. Plus he doesn't get inured playing defense. Usually its batting. It happens to elite athletes some times. Remember that freak accidents happen as well such as when Longo broke his wrist getting hit by a pitch

    • Raysfan137 says:

      He injured his hammy stealing. He had quad strain in 09, running bases. His oblique injury in '11 was swinging the bat. Meanwhile, when healthy and playing at his normal level, he's one of the best, if not the best, third basemen in the game. No one makes the feed to 2b on a 5-4-3 dp better. And arguably no one charges a bunt or slow roller on the grass better. His arm is incredible from behind 3b at the foul line. Why would we move him to 1B again ?


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