Having lived in New York City for nine years, I watched a lot of Mets games. Part of that is because the big sports radio station in NYC is the Mets flagship station. But mostly, it is because (sorry Mets fans) that franchise is a trainwreck and there is something hypnotic about watching them fail.

And having watched so many Mets games and heard so many Mets fans call into WFAN, we know that Jose Reyes was to Mets fans what BJ Upton is to Rays fans, only with more injuries. That is, he is a great talent that many fans loved to hate. And part of that was because Reyes would occasionally do something bone-headed that left fans shaking their heads.

So when we saw this scene last night at the Rays game, I couldn’t help by shake my head.

In the bottom of the first, Hideki Matsui struck out with Matt Joyce stealing second base. Matsui was the third out, so the play at second base didn’t matter. That’s when Reyes decided he couldn’t be bothered to actually catch the ball…

Does it matter? Nope. Unless you consider that because of Reyes’ move, it forced the center fielder to go pick up the ball. And as one reader pointed out “When I saw that, I was just happy Joyce didn’t slide.”

But mostly, it is just weird. I’ve never seen it before. And yet, I’m guessing most Mets fans won’t be surprised.


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  1. Don says:

    Imagine you are his coach or manager, what do you do with that? I've watched it 30 times and still cant figure out where his mind could have been, but I think i know where his butt would have been afterwards


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