We were originally just going to transcribe some of Joe Maddon’s comments at his post-game press conference after Joel Peralta was ejected for having pine tar on his glove. But you really need to hear the anger in his voice, and see the anger in his face. This is not a happy man.

Some things to look for: Maddon refuses to say the pine tar was accident. Maddon is most concerned about the reputation of Peralta. He insinuates that other teams are not going to be happy with the Nationals for how this played out. Also, when Maddon is asked whether this will carry over to the rest of the series, he says he is going to find out and makes it sound like he wants to have a talk with Nationals manager Davey Johnson.

[Ed. note: The comment seen in the title was scrubbed from the video below. But it did happen.]

Here’s the video via Sun Sports



  1. beazy says:

    This is kind of stuff is we love OUR team...
    Go Rays

  2. don says:

    Gee Joe..don't get so Defensive your pitcher got "caught" take it like a man, just because everyone on your block is selling drugs it is not ok for you to sell drugs....
    Now see if you can beat the MAN tonight with a boy....

    • ImJustSaying says:

      Uh, Don. Did you just watch the clip and not the game. The Rats, oops, I meant gNats, lost the game. What will little Davey tattle to the ump about tonight to tarnish the reputation of a player in order to try to pull out a win. I wonder what Davey would say under oath in a MLB investigation of the incident as to the basis for his "suspicion?" I'm sure it wouldn't be the truth, that it's not an uncommon practice, and that the gNats organization apparently didn't/doesn't have a problem with THEIR pitchers doing it .... until they move on to a classier team.

  3. Donisanidiot says:

    Don now you are comparing it to drugs? Really? This goes on all the time. It was a buch league move by a bush league manager. Did the Nats tell him not to use it when he pitched for them. Hypocrits. This is why the Met's hated Johnson.
    By the way Don the Rays just beat you with their best 3 hitters on the DL, and a total of 11 players on the DL. If your MAN wins tonight his is playing the B team.


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