It was Friday and it was late with the game taking over three hours. So we understand if Todd Kalas and Orestes Destrade thought nobody was watching their postgame show. But considering Baby Prof 2 and I were home alone and the other TV was already on “Howard the Duck” (the unintentional comedy is just off the charts), we were watching.

That’s when DJ Afrojack took the stage in his postgame concert. If you are not familiar, you can see what that scene looked like below.

And this happened…

And click here to see what they were dancing to, with bonus shot of Big O breaking his glowstick…



  1. angrybuddha says:

    11-0 will do that to ya.... Man we needed that game. Effing Mets.

  2. Sam B says:

    I'll tell you what... that was one interesting post game concert....


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