During tonight’s game Will Rhymes was hit in the forearm with a 95 mph fastball. You could immediately see the welt forming and marks from the stitches. He tried to stay in the game, going to first base. But then he collapsed. He eventually regained consciousness and was taken off the field on a cart…

UPDATE: The rays have announced that x-rays are negative and that Rhymes is day-to-day. Here’s the full statement…

Will Rhymes is day-to-day with a right forearm contusion, which he sustained in the 8th inning when he was hit by a pitch from Franklin Morales.  He fainted shortly thereafter due to an adrenaline rush.  X-rays were negative. He was treated at Tropicana Field and did not go to the hospital.



  1. Connie says:

    OMG, you are KIDDING me? We broke another Ray???????? Ugh, so sad...

  2. don says:

    Did not go to the Hospital?..not even for an xray..what the Rays saving the $100....hope he doesn't come up with a bone crack
    If it was longoria he would still be in the hospital for observation &rest...

    • I was shocked that the team trainer did not know what to do. They elevated his head, and took him off the field in a sitting position.

      They should have placed him flat on a stretcher and elevated his feet.

      • Tommy says:

        Right on Miguel !!!! I questioned a friend of mine on the Rays about the same thing.... I was shocked on how Will was treated by the staff !!!

    • Jason C says:

      They said the xrays came back negative...im assuming that means he had xrays taken. Of course, that's just a guess.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      He did have x-rays. Most teams have x-rays machines at the stadiums these days.

  3. YO says:



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