Tim Beckham, the top pick of the 2008 draft, has been suspended 50 games for violating baseball’s drug policy. Beckham tested positive for a “drug of abuse.” It was his second positive test.

Examples of “Drugs of Abuse” include cocaine, LSD, marijuana, heroin, ecstacy, and opiates (e.g. morphine).

Here’s the statement from Andrew Friedman

“We are very disappointed by Tim’s actions.  Tim possesses great potential, and he must rededicate himself in order to become the person and player we know he can be.”

Here’s the statement from Beckham…

“I regret that my poor judgment resulted in me letting my teammates and the Tampa Bay Rays organization down.  I take full responsibility for my actions and I will use this experience to refocus my commitment to baseball.  I recognize that I am blessed to be able to play baseball for a living.  I owe it to my teammates, my family, and to myself to respect the game and the responsibilities that go with playing it as a professional.  I am sorry.”



  1. Dave L says:

    Ok, ok I know Buster Posey has been peeing clean... heheh

    I hope its for a drug which gives him a supposed competitive advantage and not something to help him daydream on those long bus rides......

  2. Rob says:

    So, does that mean Will Rhymes gets a call to replace Longoria on the roster (if needed) and Lee moves up to AAA?

  3. Mike says:

    I believe the suspension is for a violation of MINOR League Baseball's drug policy. He is probably not in violation of Major League Baseball's drug policy, where he would be sent to treatment and not subject to suspension unless he failed to comply with the treatment program.

    • Beth says:

      MiLB may indeed have a different policy, but the report said this is his second violation. I think that results in suspension for the MLB as well.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      well, under the old policy players on the 40-man roster were subjected to the Major League rules. Not sure if that changed under the new CBA.

      • Mike says:

        Under the MLB policy, a player cannot be suspended for the use or possession of marijuana unless he is convicted of a crime.

        Beckham must be subject to the MiLB drug policy if he is facing a 50 game suspension. 50 days is also the maximum penalty for 2nd violations of the MLB policy, and we would have heard about it if Tim had refused to cooperate with the treatment program once before.

  4. Marc says:

    Well isn't that just the icing on the why-the-hell-did-we-draft-him-and-not-Buster-Posey cake.

  5. beazy says:

    I would hope it was for performance drugs, then narcotics...

  6. pete says:

    This was for weed. If he was on the 40 man roster he wouldn't be getting suspended. It was a poor decision and he's paying for it.

  7. Dave L says:

    I hope our society will one day mature to the point where we actually hold people accountable to standards which actually matter and affect the responsibility of the individual in question.

    When I was young I had hope it was possible.

    Now not likely

  8. Dave L says:

    "I hope our society will one day mature to the point where we actually hold people accountable to standards which actually matter and affect the responsibility of the individual in question."

    I hope MLB will some day realize that Hemp is legal in 14 states and growing. It is a very effective pain reliever without side effect unless you count curing Cancer a side effect.

    Google "Run Fro The Cure" The Ricky Simpson Story

    I wonder how they are going to handle the Synthetic Human Growth Hormone problem. HGH makes players bigger, stronger, faster, smarter and improves their vision, it also has a side effect, it is the only effective treatment for concussion induced dementia or Lou Gehrigs Disease. Now that we know what causes dementia, the player's union will be justified in demanding that the teams dispense the drug for free. Especially for hockey and football players, past and present.

    I can see in the future where MLB will be forced to supply weed to the players as well. Fukushima in Japan is spewing deadly radiation across the North American continent, baseball players are forced outside, in most cases to play 150 games a year exposed to this invisible and deadly cancer causing plague.

    At least the best players will flock to indoor stadiums like the wonderful and very cool Tropicana Field.


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