If somebody ever asks us why the Rays are successful, we will tell them about Stuart Sternberg and Andrew Friedman, and then we will show them this interview with Joe Maddon.

Our favorite line? “You’ve gotta go under the hood to find the edge man”



  1. Rumpy says:

    I like how he thanked them for "having the Rays on". You don't see that with other teams

  2. Beth says:

    There are times when Maddon's "smartest kid in the class" tendencies grate on me. But watching this video reminds me why he's, for the most part, terrific at what he does. We can disagree about this move or that strategy. But the fact that he is someone always looking to learn and open to change if there's a better way.

    • Scott says:

      You can have Fredi Gonzalez. Braves fans will gladly trade you him for Maddon.

      But that was a cool interview you guys should be proud to have him.

    • Jay says:

      Beth, this is well said. Underneath it all Joe is a fantastic human being. Shame on me for taking so long to learn to appreciate just how good he is for Rays.


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