The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 7, A’s 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: King David. Oh mamma, Price es en fuego. He struck out 12 and walked just 1 in 8 innings. And more importantly, he attacked early. With less than 2 outs, hitters were just 2-18 with 7 strikeouts and no walks. And he had all the pitches working. 11 swinging strikes on fastballs, 3 on changeups, 2 on curveballs, and 4 on sliders. Enjoy it folks. We are watching Price’s coming out party. By the end of this season, he will be recognized as one of the 5 or 6 best pitchers in baseball…Jose Molina. Woah big momma, where did that come from? Molina hit his first home run of the season…BJ Upton. Bossman was in the middle of both of the Rays’ big innings, delivering an RBI-double in each.

THE BAD: Lazy Puns. A google search for “David Price” and “Price is Right” return 223,000 results. In other words, been there done that, 223,000 times! Price is a fairly common word. If you are going to you a cheesy headline, can’t we come up with something original? And yes, the headline was used again last night. And no, we’re not linking to it, because it is not our intention to belittle one person. We’re just saying, we get it. Let’s try something else now (thanks Aaron)…

THE TELLING: The Rays have (at least) a 1.5 game lead over EVER OTHER TEAM IN BASEBALL…Reid Brignac was back at shortstop and had a double in 4 at bats for triple-A Durham.


  • Be sure to click the <Read More…> below for a look at the dancing groundskeeper’s new moves.
  • David Price’s newfound love of off-speed pitches has turned him into a groundball pitcher. []
  • Despite what happened to Mariano Rivera, Rays pitchers will continue to shag flies during batting practice. []
  • Mariano Rivera is not retiring, and will come back from his injury. [Twitter]
  • You know that famous Red Sox sellout streak? It still exists because the Sox are cheating. [TheBigLead]
  • Joe Maddon gave a speech wearing a bib. Why? Because he’s Joe Maddon and why not? (actually there was a good reason). []


DURHAM 7, Louisville 1.

MONTGOMERY 8, Tennessee 7.

CHARLOTTE 11, Clearwater 2.

South Bend 4, BOWLING GREEN 3 (12).

The dancing groundskeeper has added some new moves…





  1. Ken says:

    Great to see Bossman hitting to all fields. I pose a question to all the BJ haters in Raysland: Name me another 27 year old MLB centerfielder you'd prefer over BJ, not many I think.

    • don says:

      Jennings....faster and will be a better

    • BD says:

      Can we see him do something for more than a few weeks? It's not like Upton hasn't had an occasional hot streak followed by 2 months of nothing.

      But really, this is great for all of you guys. Finally, in his SEVENTH (and final) season B.J. is hitting the ball well. You guys must be really proud. And I am sure when he goes to the Yankees or Dodgers next year, and turns into an all-star, you guys will be able to say "OMG, we told you so!!!!" Only it won't mean shit, because in 7+ seasons here he might have had about 6 good months.

    • Dave L says:

      You underestimate the pure hate some Rays fans have invested in the guy. Even though he's on our team they root against his every at bat and gnash their teeth when he does well. Its hard for the rest of us to fathom really.

    • Drew says:

      Considering there are only 3 other 27 year old centerfielders in the majors, and one of them is Matt Kemp, I'll take Matt Kemp. I'll also take Adam Jones and Carlos Gonzalez (26)

  2. don says:

    "Prices coming out Party" more accurate as a head line....He has learned that 95mph fastballs can carry you only so far with ML hitters...HE has matured as a pitcher and he is trying to keep up with the standard set by Shields..all making for the best pitching Staff going right Now..
    Fat boy connects..if he can hit .250.. he surpasses his hype. as a Shopp. replacement...

  3. Dave L says:

    Attendance update!

    I got to the game early yesterday and stayed till the end and I did not encounter 1 person in A's gear or even hear anyone rooting for them. This is understandable of course. So the 18k+ for an opposing team with zero draw or interest was ok in my book.

  4. Leighroy says:

    The ESPN headline last night was Price Price Baby... new"ish" but still cheesy.


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