The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 9, Orioles 8 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: 9-1. On a day when the Rays needed to put some crooked numbers up on the board, the 9th hitter (Elliot Johnson) and leadoff batter (Ben Zobrist), combined to go 6-8 with 2 HRs, a stolen base, a walk and 5 RBI...Sean Rodriguez. After nearly making the greatest defensive play we have ever seen by a third baseman (charging, throwing to first from his butt), He responded by ending the game with a half-dive stop to his right and then throwing the runner out at first…Burke Badenhop. It’s been a rough start to the season for the pitcher that reminds us a little too much of Shawn Camp at times. But yesterday with the Rays’ big lead slipping away, Joe Maddon needed a groundball double-play, and Badenhop got it. Well, the batter was safe at first on a bang-bang play, but Badenhop did his job.

THE BAD: BJ Upton. Yikes. Bossman went bad. Four strikeouts, and then leaping at the wall for what should have been an easy catch (for him). Just not his best day at the ole ballpark…Another DL? No Desmond Jennings (again). And now it sounds like the Rays are considering a move to put him on the DL after all…Interfering Gimenez. Chris Gimenez has been called for interference three times this season. Not bad considering he is a part-time player that started the season in triple-A. And by “not bad” we mean “bad.”

THE TELLING: Hideki Matsui will report to triple-A Durham on Tuesday…The Rays are 21-14, one game behind the Orioles. They are also 1.5 games ahead of the Yankees, and 5.5 ahead of the Red Sox.


  • Richard de los Santos, who started the 2011 season in the triple-A rotation, has been released by the Rays. He made just 2 starts in 2011 before injuring his arm. He hasn’t pitched since. [Biscuit Crumbs]
  • Did Evan Longoria accuse the O’s fans of being “too obnoxious”? []
  • The starting pitchers took their first batting practice, and Matt Moore won the home run derby with five. David Price had four. []
  • We’ve talked about this before…the Rays don’t like the “closer” label, despite Joe Maddon’s preference to have an actual closer. []
  • The “oddest” home runs in Rays history. []
  • So who is the Bucs starting running back? [JoeBucsFan]


DURHAM 3, Scranton/WB 1. Chris Archer had a whopping 9 strikeouts in just 6 innings, but walked 4 and allowed an unearned run on 3 hits…Ryan Reid faced 7 batters in 2 innings of relief and struck out 4…SS Shawn O’Malley went 3-5 and stole his 6th base…1b Leslie Anderson  was 0-4.

Jacksonville 6, MONTGOMERY 2 (game 1). Jacob Thompson struck out 5 and walked 3 in 4.2 innings. He gave up 3 runs on 5 hits…SS Hak-Ju Lee was 0-4…2B Tyler Bortnick went 0-1 with a walk and stole his 11 base.

MONTGOMERY 7, Jacksonville 1 (game 2). Three pitchers combined to allow just 1 runs on 3 hits and 3 walks in 7 innings…SS Hak-Ju Lee was 1-4 with a strikeout and his 9th stolen base.

CHARLOTTE. (no game scheduled)

South Bend @ BOWLING GREEN. (postponed)





  1. don says:

    Where would the Rays be without Ben Zobrist? Now my "better than Average" Elliott Johnson surges to the offensive lead....
    Proud of "my boys"
    Rodriquez our new Rays tough guy...what was that other guys name Eva longoria or something...resting comfortably at home

  2. CC says:

    This current lineup is really starting to make me uncomfortable. Bullpen can't keep the ball down. Hitting is below average. And lately the defense is also suspect. Not looking real good right now.

  3. Rayalan says:

    Joe needs to put them in a position and let them alone. He is moving the infielders around way too much. Putting Rhymes at second when he is a third baseman is just wrong, The initial instincts come out and usually they are not helpful in getting to a ball. Zobrist or Rodriguez would have had two double plays yesterday so the ninth would not have required such heroics for Rodriguez. Being versatile is one thing but being somewhere different almost everyday is ridiculous. When does a thirdbaseman ever have to do a backhand toss like Rhymes did unsuccessfully yesterday on an attempted double play.

    • Gus says:

      I agree 100%. The amount of moving has gotten ridiculous. Let guys get comfortable at least game to game. Mid-game switches are taking their toll. Little league out there.

      The defense has really slipped from everybody this year. Do we have enough data on runs saved yet to make a judgment?

      Congrats to Elliot Johnson -- I'm as hard on him as anybody and I don't think he is a big leaguer, but he had a couple of days there where he looked capable.

    • Tom says:

      Rhyme is a second baseman. He had never played third in the majors until this year and had played 650 games at second and only 31 at third in the minors.

      • Dave L says:

        Glad you cleared that up Tom. Rhymes executed a simple 2nd basemans play poorly.

        Everybody needs to relax. the shifts arent the main cause of the errors.

        Longo leads the team with 6. Every one he made that I remember came with him positioned in normal 3rd basemans range.

        The second baseman and SS combined made 8 and the backups at third made 4 more. I just dont remember that many errors being made when guys were radically shifted.

        I think the main problem is that with the shift, that now basically a backup at all three shift positions, we aren't getting 2nd base covered properly and quickly alot of times.

        • Tom says:

          My point about Rhymes is that he did not execute poorly because Maddon had him plating out of position.

      • Gus says:

        The shifts are fine; it is the shifting of players from one position to another that is causing difficulty in my view -- jacks of all trades, masters of none.

        They are just short a player or two. They need a real 1B-3B guy.


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