This post, which will appear before every game, will include starting lineups (when we learn them) and during the game will include a Game Graph that will constantly update the percent chance the Rays have of winning this particular game.

Game Graph

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Playing A Little Pepper

Who will receive more points in the AL Cy Young voting, David Price or James Shields?

We really think we are in the midst of witnessing something special with David Price. A coming out party of sorts. And tonight’s game in Yankee Stadium, going head-to-head against CC Sabathia is the game where the rest of the country is going to sit up and take notice…DAVID PRICE


  1. Ben Zobrist, RF
  2. Sean Rodriguez, 3B
  3. BJ Upton, CF
  4. Jeff Keppinger, DH
  5. Brandon Guyer, LF
  6. Carlos Pena, 1B
  7. Elliot Johnson, SS
  8. Chris Gimenez, C
  9. Will Rhymes, 2B
  10. David Price, SP

Song to get you pumped up





  1. Cork Gaines says:

    Also, Jeff Keppinger is back from his divorce hearing, but as you noticed above, both he and Brandon Guyer are in the lineup.

    That's because Brandon Allen as placed on the DL with an "injury." Of course, that would have nothing to do with wanting the extra right-handed bat on the roster and not wanting to place Allen on waivers. Nope, not that at all. *wink wink*

    • angrybuddha says:

      If Allen goes on waivers he's either claimed somewhere else (3rd team in a month) or goes to the minors. He certainly doesn't want to be demoted... and he probably likes the Rays organization - who gave him a chance, etc.

      If I'm him, I'm happy to fake the injury in order to have a shot at the roster in 2 weeks.


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