Typical Rays. They have taken something that was cool and somehow made it even better.

Now, after each save, as Fernando Rodney is doing his “Shoot the Moon” celebration, several teammates will turn and “look” at what Rodney is shooting.

The first time we saw it was during the Mariners series, when Carlos Pena did a very animated turn-and-look, and even seemed to mimic a conversation (maybe a “did you hit it?”). Since then, several other members of the infield have gotten in on the act.

Here is a collage of several recent games with the post-save gazing (click on image for a larger view)…



  1. KillaTapes says:

    Love the camaraderie on this team! I think I even recall Peralta doing the move on a game where he got a save?

    Here's the song I think of when I see the move (beware "hipster haters"):


  2. don says:

    Tell peralta I give him $100(maybe I'll tell him myself if I go down by the bulpen) IF he shoots the press box a REAL MOON,at least his game pants around his knees&bend over
    Remember it was Rodney who first shook up the press box, with a fastball to Topkin's computer....

    • bbmern says:

      I would love it better if he shoots the real moon towards that moron Bobby Valentine!

  3. Rich says:

    Way cool ...


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