Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Was Matt Joyce out diving head first into first base?

Probably. But Joe will file that safe call away so he’s not as angry about the ones that inevitably will screw the Rays later this season. Joyce’s two-out fortune — and hustle — opened the flood gates for the Rays’ sixth-run fifth inning enroute to the 7-1 victory against Toronto.

What clutch, quality strokes by Luke Scott and Sean Rodriguez to blow the game open. Very impressive stuff, considering how hot Jays starter Brandon Morrow was entering this game.

Cesar Ramos gets a gold star and the win after coming in for Jeff Niemann, who got plunked on the ankle by a line drive in the first inning. What a way to seize an opportunity. Ramos hadn’t pitched in eight days. Starting in the fifth inning, Wade Davis, Jay Howell, Burke Badenhop and Jake McGee brought the victory home flawlessly.

It was about time the Rays had an easy one. Those late rallies in Baltimore were too hard on the nerves.





  1. Rob says:

    I didn't even know Ramos was on the active roster.

  2. Rob says:

    The MLB network said Niemann will be out for a couple of months. Looks like Davis will be moving back to the starting rotation.

  3. o to ford says:

    thanks for the goodpost

  4. Andy says:

    More props for Mini Maddon, too!! Even tho he only had 1 hit, he drove in a run w/it which kinda kick-started the 5th inning rally!! He also had 2 walks & now has the 3rd best BA of all active Rays!!! A week ago or so, who woulda guessed it! Go EJ!!!

  5. don says:

    I can see Headlines now: "Rays lead to AL east title by sweet swinging Elliott Johnson. We knew he was a good hitter"

  6. Jason C says:

    I thought Pena was safe on his romp to first, so I just file the Joyce one as a makeup call.

  7. Dave L says:

    I have been crapping all over EJ for a while now. I would love to be wrong and I hope he can keep it up. Even if not its a nice run he's having, never saw it coming.


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