Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….


So the Rays jump out to a four-run, first-inning lead today against the formerly anemic A’s and lose 9-5 at home.

What odds would the stat geeks have given for that to happen? A 1.5 percent chance?

Joe was in agony watching Matt Moore labor pitch after pitch with his control and get clobbered and knocked out with eight earned runs in the fifth inning. It’s probably only six runs if Elliot Johnson isn’t over-matched in left field, but it was still ugly. Rays fans can only hope Desmond Jenning’s mysterious knee injury that landed Johnson in left field is nothing serious.

Joe thought Chris Jimenez should have called for more curveballs and off-speed stuff, but that’s probably wishful thinking. It just didn’t feel like he called the smartest game. Joe Maddon probably put it best about Moore after the game, calling him “out of whack.”

Jonny Gomes was a catalyst for the A’s again today and good riddance. Joe’s not in the camp of fans that goes ga-ga over Gomes.

However, Gomes dropped a heart-warming, one-liner on This Week In Rays Baseball, aired on WDAE-AM 620 this afternoon. Asked about one of his famous fights in 2008,  Gomes said he “was tired of the Red Sox taking our lunch money.” … Just when you officially hate Gomes he goes and spits out a glorious memory.

This truly was the series that got away.





  1. ali says:

    Am I the only one that stays away from Quickpitch and SportsCenter when the Rays lose? Helps keep my sanity.

  2. I am still healing from the 4 to 3 loss where Gomes robbed us of the winning HR, and then his his own game winner.
    I though sure Tampa was gonna win that close game, since we battled back.

  3. don says:

    Looked like Gomes wasn't going to let the Rays have any lunch money either...wonder if he sent Maddon to the wine ya....

  4. Bulls says:

    not ga-ga over gomes? not a good rays fan


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