Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

It’s amazing what can happen when a lefty swings the bat with the game on the line in Yankee Stadium.

What a concept!! Take note, Carlos Pena.

The beer is glorious right now after Matt Joyce walloped a three-run bomb in the ninth inning, with two outs, to give the Rays their first lead of the night and set up Crooked Cap for his second win of the season. The three-game losing streak is over in grand style, dumping the Yankmees 4-1.

On a night like this, Joe’s even going to dare to dream that Jeff Niemann might be back to the guy Rays fans haven’t seen in a long time. He threw a ton of strikes and actually went seven innings.

Tom Foley even got into the act sending a runner home on a sac fly in the ninth. Another great concept!

The world feels right again.





  1. Dave L says:

    When Joyce hit that home run you would have thought that someone shot every ESPN announcers dog. They focused on his turned ankle, repeatedly called the HR barely out and spoke in hushed tones.

    I am glad that our Joe shot the conventional wisdom CLOSER bullsh*t nonsense down and their Joe sailed down the manage by tradition stupidity and tried to annoint that deer in the headlights guy as saint Marianos successor. Should have made it a competition and I dont think R Soriano deserved it but they should have rotated it.

    Our Joe knows โ€œ9th inning only Closerโ€ is lazy modern baseball crap.

  2. Andy says:

    LOVE your sarcasm tonight, Joe!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ So glad we got bailed out by Matty, baby!!! WTF is wrong w/Pena?!?!? You'd have thought he learned from last game to SWING THE DAMN BAT!!! All he did was stand there looking at the ball ๐Ÿ™ Talk about a deer in the headlights!! Never thot I would have seen this from such a seasoned player w/a good eye - usually!!

    Couldn't help but recall Dwayne & BA's analysis of Zobrist at the beginning of this game. They said that he is a very discriminant swinger, until he gets 2 strikes on him. Then, he swings at pitches he otherwise would not, in order to protect the plate & hopefully get a pitch he likes, eventually. Hmmmmm, sounds like Pena should listen to that broadcast!! Better yet, maybe our so-called hitting coach could talk to 'Los!! Sheesh!!!

    Glad to see the Return of Neimann (I hope!!) ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. don says:

    Thanks Joyce for securing Pena's safety and my sanity, because if last night would have been a home game he would have caught a beer can in the side of the head...lets see..two nights in a row, 9th inning, game on the line 6-7 pitches over on 2inches off the plate and not a swing from MR. Smiley...
    Someone again please tell me what a good hitter Pena is...even Maddon had a little talk with him when he got back to the dugout..Hope it wasn't "I liked your effort"..not even Maddon could do that..


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