Joe is back with his post-game thoughts…

Sure, Joe knew when Dirtbag went down with his knee injury the Rays offense might take a step back or two. That’s understandable. But for the Rays to cower and run away when there are runners in scoring position as bad as they did tonight, well, there really is no excuse.

Good grief, just tonight alone Wolverine stranded six runners, and he’s supposed to be the Rays big RBI guy.

Rather than just losing Dirtbag, it’s a series of players the Rays have lost to injury that may be catching up to them. Desmond Jennings’ absence doesn’t help. Guess Rays fans are seeing all of these injuries starting to creep up.

Not an awful night for Matt Moore, but without some offense, unless Rays pitchers pretty much hold opponents scoreless, Joe guesses this is what fans may expect from the Derek Sheltons in the near future.



  1. Rob says:

    I agree they had their chances and didn't come through. I am less concerned about Scott though - at least he had some decent at bats. He smoked one to Gonzalez with two on that I thought for sure was going to be a hit. I am more worried about Pena - he looks terrible at the plate right now.

    The Rays were 3-9 w/RISP. I'll take a .333 avg., so it's not as bad as it seems.

  2. Andy says:

    Totally agree w/you, Joe!! Ever since Longo went down, the 3 guys (Scott, Pena, Upton) we'd hoped would step up the most have all tanked!!! Where's their veteran leadership??? I sure don't see it :((

  3. phil says:

    what is their record since Longo went out?

  4. Beth says:

    Knee injury?


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