Not only are the Rays about to embark on an odd 10-game road trip so early in the season, but in a bizarre scheduling twist, the first seven games of this trip are day games.

Here are the start times…



  1. Michael says:

    11:05AM is a crime

    • Charles says:

      It's a traditional Red Sox thing - every year they have a very early home game that starts while the Boston Marathon is going on. It's a state holiday (Patriots' Day) for us.

  2. Charles says:

    Monday is a holiday for us here in Massachusetts, so I will be out at some sports bar with my Red Sox fan buddies watching that game (and laughing at their misery - you should hear all the kvetching over Aceves/Melancon already). But I had an ACTUAL cold/flu LAST week, so I'm thinking it'll be hard to get away with that for another solid week.

  3. Thad says:

    And Rays will catch Smyly making his MLB debut on Wed in Detroit and will miss the RedSox only reliable starter (Lester) next weekend. If they could take down Porcello in DET opener and Smyly in last game (Verlander in middle), they will miss Lester in Boston and could be on a nice roll.

  4. Jason says:

    I hate this...I work for a school and we are in the middle of our start week. I can't miss any time except for dire, Matt Moore's first start of the year seems dire to me, but I doubt they will agree.

  5. Beth says:

    Thanks goodness for MLB Gameday. You can minimize the little box on your computer screen and no one needs to know you are watching. Doesn't work, I guess, if you are a brick layer or a kindergarten teacher.

    But as much as it's hard on fans....every year at the start of the season I watch them struggle to play actual baseball on a windy April night in Detroit or Cleveland or Boston and think and think that they really ought to move those games to the afternoon when there's at least a chance that some feeble sunshine will come through. So we may have trouble watching the games but at least no one will come down with pneumonia.

  6. Don says:

    Shields did himself in.. he wanted to stay on regular 5 they put off Nieman for another day...So Shields faces the MAN: Verlander want to see an attitude wait till Shields is 0-2...chance of Shields winning 10%

    • Mark says:

      Don, You're my favorite poster.

      Shields is going to be so bad on Wednesday that they are going to give him two losses apparently.

      • Beth says:

        Two losses! I like that.

        And when BJ comes back, his first strike out will actually be worth two outs, in Don world.

    • Jason says:

      Don, it's difficult to get a loss if your team wins the game, regardless of how badly you pitch...

    • JAD says:

      Last I checked Shields was 0-0.

      • Don says:

        Your right.. and after wed he will be two starts and no was because of his pitching we won the 1st game(fri) with a 4 run lead....
        maybe it was Molina's fault...

        • Dave L says:

          The DVR was invented for this.

          When i was young and we were mesmerized by Barbara Eden on the tube, Don would have been preoccupied and unable to get past Jennies unusual diction.

          Sheilds 0-2 already and Helli angry at not getting a CG?? Even your wet dreams must been tragic events back in the day. LOL

  7. s says:

    other than a slingbox, is there any way to watch it on an android?

    • Matt says:

      Yeah, but it's not cheap ($125). You need to get and the At Bat app:

  8. Amanda says:

    Cork, I haven't seen any report of why all three Detroit games are day games. Has this been explained? I could see it if it was a weekend series, but not a mid-week one. (Not that I mind ... I'm an subscriber.) I'm just really curious.

  9. caity says:

    Thank god for Twitter, can ask everyone who's watching the game on there to give you updates. On top of that, Twitter's not blocked at my school, so I could ask people on there on Twitter how the Rays are doing.


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