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RAYS 2, Rays Futures 1 (boxscore)

No GBT today


  • Kyle Farnsworth has an elbow strain, and “he is confident he will be back to pitch this season”…That sounds like we won’t see Farnsville until at least the second half. []
  • Sean Rodriguez will get the majority of starts at shortstop, but as expected, Joe Maddon will continue to play match-ups, with both Reid Brignac and Elliot Johnson getting starts. []
  • If you missed it last night, here’s the opening day roster, at least until Kyle Farnsworth goes on the DL. We’ll have more on this shortly. [Rays Index]
  • Last night was Opening Night for the Marlins new stadium, and it was a train wreck. [BI Sports]
  • Did Bud Selig say something optimistic about the Rays’ stadium situation? [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • With the new Wild Card system, the Rays will only need 89 or 90 wins to get into the playoffs in a typical year. [BI Sports]
  • Saturday’s game is nearly a sellout. []
  • Only baseball could screw up something as simple as Opening Day. [BI Sports]
  • Who do the Bucs take if both Claiborne and Richardson are gone? [JoeBucsFan]



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  1. Harborgal2160 says:

    Farnsworth should NEVER have pitched 6 innings in a preseason game.


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