The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

RAYS 3, Yankees 0 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Jeremy Hellickson. Joe Maddon tried hard to get Hellboy a shutout on his 25th birthday, but in the end, he fell a strike short, working 8.2 innings, and allowing just 3 hits and 4 walks, although he had to work harder than his line would suggest. The Yankees had a runner on 2nd with only 1 out in the second, had 2nd and 3rd with 1 out in the fourth, and 1st and 3rd with 2 outs in the sixth. But outside of those innings, Hellickson was a master of efficiency, needing less than 13 pitches in 5 of his 9 innings…Carlos Pena. He was officially credited with a double and a home run, although it probably should have been 2 home runs. Either way, Pena is dialed in. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts…Fernando Rodney. Kyle who? He has only faced 5 batters, but Rodney has appeared in all 3 games, retiring all 5, en route to a win and 2 saves.

THE BAD: Fans Interfering. For the second straight game, a potential home run was ruled Fan Interference when a fan reached over and caught a flyball. And while this one, off the bat of Carlos Pena, was ruled Fan Interference on the field and not reviewed, a look at the replay left some doubt (click on below for slo-mo replay). If that had been ruled a home run and then reviewed, we doubt they would have changed it. In the meantime, STOP REACHING OVER!…Another Injury. Luke Scott was pulled from the game early. The good news is it wasn’t his shoulder. The bad news is he will be sidelined for 3-4 games.

THE TELLING: BJ Upton will begin a rehab assignment today and is not expected to play on the Rays upcoming 10-game road trip…The 3-game series sold 98,569 tickets, the third largest total for the opening series in franchise history…The Yankees and Red Sox are both 0-3. In fact, the Red Sox have lost 7-23 in their last 30 games. That would translate to 38-124 over an entire season…Random thought: If at anytime Luke Scott’s shoulder needs extended rest, keep in mind that Johnny Damon is still unsigned.


  • Stuart Sternberg says “the ball is rolling” on the stadium issue, but also acknowledges that there have been no recent meetings with St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster. []
  • Buster Olney says there is reason to panic in Boston. And that was before yesterday’s stomach-punching loss. [ESPN]
  • This headline made us chuckle: “Matt Garza’s Temper: How Much Is Too Much?”…We miss the talent. We miss his goatee. We don’t miss the headcase. He’s your problem now Cubs fans. [RantSports]
  • Steven Stamkos made history over the weekend. Here’s the video. [BI Sports]


DURHAM 7, Gwinnett 4. Chris Archer made his first start of the year, striking out 8 in 6 innings. He allowed just 1 run on 2 hits and 3 walks…LF Brandon Guyer went 1-4 with a double and 2 RBI. 2B Will Rhymes had a single and a double and drove in a run.

Pensacola 7, Montgomery 5. Joe Cruz lasted just 3 innings, giving up 2 runs on 2 hits and 4 walks…DH Hak-Ju Lee went 1-5 with his first stolen base…2B Tyler Bortnick was 1-4 with a double and a stolen base.

CHARLOTTE (no game scheduled)

BOWLING GREEN (no game scheduled)

4/8/12 Game 3 vs New York Yankees

Joel Peralta and Jake McGee had a bizarre moment in the bullpen on Sunday…





  1. Don says:

    Hellboy good Job..but it is your fault you don't make it for 9 innings, 2 strikes on Swisher and you don't grove a couple of fast balls right down the middle...for fly out or grounder, If he gets a hit so what? then Rodney...Walk him...stupid!
    Rays have thousands of batting practice balls give one to each moron in the first row with the understanding they don't reach over for balls..they are sitting in the outfield for a reason!

  2. Michael says:

    They need to just move the yellow line down to the wall instead of the meshing.

    The Detroit Tigers have a nearly identical right field wall configuration except their mesh (which is iron bars), is home run territory, and in fact the walk off on Sunday was right off the iron bars, bounced off of a fan onto the field, and there was absolutely no doubt by the umps that it was a homer.

    If the yellow line is on the wall it pretty much removes all doubt. Anyone who could reach down that far would be risking falling onto the field and getting tazed.

  3. Michael says:

    and by the way, brutal tazering is the correct punishment for taking away home team home runs

    50,000 volts!

  4. The NY Media was firmly focused this weekend on Maddon's defensive shifts. They tried to draw the Yankees players & coaches into crying foul.. but it didn't really work. It mostly came across as sour grapes.

    But, it did get me thinking about the Yankees and defensive shifts. The Yankees lineup is a little long in the tooth and the amount of data on those guys is astronomical compared to other lineups the Rays will face. Was it a case of the Maddon using the Yankees experience against them? And will the Rays continue to give the Yankees fits because of this?

    • Beth says:

      But what would be the basis for crying foul, anyway? "No fair standing where I usually hit the ball!" I know that baseball is full of really bizarre unwritten if one of those "thou shalt not position fielders so as to take advantage of batters' hitting tendencies?"

  5. Dre says:

    isn't it procedure to eject fans that cause a fan interference incident? i would love to know for sure that these two clowns got the boot


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