It turns out Jeff Salazar won’t be the Rays’ fourth outfielder. Salazar was cut today and Stephen Vogt was recalled from Durham. Vogt had been cut earlier this Spring.

Vogt hit .298 with a .335 OBP between double-A and triple-A in 2011. He can catcher, first base, and the outfield.

By going with Vogt over Salazar, the Rays extend their streak to four straight years in which no non-roster position player has made the opening day roster. The last was Eric Hinske in 2008.



  1. Tone says:

    While it must suck for players like Salazar, I prefer this than using Jeff. Vogt will not be a defensive wizard wherever he plays, but his bat has more upside than any other in-house options. His ability to catch will give Maddon some interesting flexibility throughout games.

  2. Boxauthor says:

    Hey, Cork, the Yahoo season predictions are up:;_ylt=AnGo4qNSSSyfXMaTyGNztnERvLYF?slug=ys-brown_henson_passan_season_predictions_040412

  3. Alex says:

    Wait, so why was he cut in the first place then?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I think the Rays priorities changed when they realized Upton was going to be out longer. Vogt plays a lot of positions, but he is not very good defensively. He is a good bat thought, and I think they decided that right now, his bat is more important than having a fourth outfielder that would just be an occasional defensive replacement.

  4. David says:

    Whoever Tim Brown and Jeff Passon are, I hope their predictions aren't usually the kiss of death.


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