President Barack Obama was in Tampa on Friday. And when he arrived at TIA, Governor Rick Scott greeted the President and presented him with a Tampa Bay Rays cap as a welcome gift.

We imagine a scenario where Gov. Scott is sitting at the airport waiting for the President, and all of a sudden an aide says, “shouldn’t we give the President a gift?” Followed by five minutes of panic and then a dash for the little shop that sells local sporting apparel.

But seriously, a cap? C’mon. We know the state is in a bit of a financial crisis, but couldn’t we afford a personalized jersey? We have a feeling the Rays would have ponied one up if asked.

[Ed. note: It has been brought up a couple of times that a personalized jersey should be reserved for winning the World Series, and that’s a good point. So how about an Evan Longoria Fathead for the Oval Office?]

You can see President Obama receive his Rays cap in this video (via…



  1. Don says:

    He is not even a fan of americans, let alone baseball. Could'nt Scott have given him a ticket out of the country instead?


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