Those who swill ale with Joe know he was one of the few Rays fans who was not doing cartwheels over the return of Karlos Pena this season.

Sure, there are few guys nicer than Karlos, a really, really class act of a guy. That’s not why Joe was unmoved with the return of Karlos to Tampa Bay.

No, it was his strikeouts, which drive Joe out of his mind. Joe is old school when it comes to baseball: If you can’t get a hit, at least put the ball in play. That’s not Karlos who is for the most part, a big hit or a strikeout kind of a guy; sort of a like a modern day Rob Deer.

But in his return to the Rays today, there were fewer players in the major leagues who had more of an impact than Karlos.

And Joe is raising his glass in celebration.

Karlos blasted a C.C. Sabathia pitch in the first inning for a grand slam and an early lead. Then, in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded, facing the Hammer of God, launched a Mariano Rivera pitch deep into the left field gap for a game-winning hit and a 7-6 Rays win to start the season.

Again, Joe thinks a lot of the man Karlos Pena, not so much of his bat. But after Friday’s display by Karlos, Joe just might become a fan of his bat as well.

Job well done!





  1. Michael says:

    A LOT to like in this game... but one little nugget... J.P. Howell looked strong. Cano and Grandyman looked completely lost against him. Throwing the curve for strikes and getting bad contact. If Howell comes to play, then this could be a very comfortable bullpen.

  2. Don says:

    K Pena did his job....but everybodys missing the fact without Zo getting a tripple off Mo...Pena has nothing but a fly ball to the out field.....Ben you the man but you fly under the radar.......thats ok I know thats the way you like it

    • Connie says:

      True, and Flash getting on base to start the inning. Flash had a huge game. Hope this is just a "flash" of things to come 🙂 Los, super happy and excited for you! I know you wanted to do well for the fans and, boy, did you exceed that!

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Don't worry, Zorilla got some love in The Hangover this morning. His triple is really what won the game, the scoreboard just didn't know it yet.


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