Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Pitching and defense is the Rays’ formula, but it was owned by Toronto in this 7-3 head-shaker in the Skydome, or whatever they call that thing now.

The Rays swung the bats, racked up 10 hits, had some hard luck, but it was the Blue Jays turning double plays and pitching out of trouble. Jeff Niemann was ok, but when will this guy ever become a steady starter?

Joe thought for sure the baseball gods were on the Rays’ side tonight after the bottom of the order led a fifth-inning rally, highlighted by a clutch RBI for Reid Brignac. But that was nowhere near enough to overcome three errors by Evan Longoria. Joe hates to be crass, but perhaps Longo was worn out by an obese Canadian threesome last night. What else could explain such a historic mess from him in the field?

Jake McGee got out of an inning, but he still looks awful.

You know it’s a rough night when Sean Rodriguez taking a couple of walks is among the silver linings.





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