Joe might need another beer so he can sleep. What an incredible series win over the Rangers.

The Rangers never lost a series this season… until tonight. David Price pitched well, but as always had a lot of pitches. Sooner or later this Scott Kazmir-like habit is going to fry the bullpen.

The Rays ganged up on Derek Holland early when he was struggling. Joe loved the aggressive hitting (is the Ballpark at Arlington the new Polo Grounds? Seemed like the Rays had three homers that were just warning track shots.).

How charmed were the Rays tonight? They not only got out of a rare jam that Crooked Cap found himself in, they also overcame a major baserunning error by Dirtbag, who seems to have his head into wearing diapers and hanging with his Playmate girlfriend rather than his job.

(No, if Bossman missed a bunt sign, then why did Zorilla not run on the play from first base? There was no bunt sign. Hard to believe Zorilla would miss that as well.)

Yes, if we are going to kill Bossman for his many mistakes, then why should be look the other way when Dirtbag is having a rough season away from the plate?

Still, Joe is really, really pumped with the win. If this keeps up, the Rays will treat us to something very special this season.



  1. Namirsolo says:

    Well, on the wide shot, both Zobrist and Longoria were running on that play. Upton missed the bunt signal.

  2. beazy says:

    The nice part of it is, we either get to see them in person for only $10, watch them on SUNRAYS, or listen to Andy and Dave yell RAYSWIN! EVERYDAY, while the rest of America only got 2 chances this week to see them on ESPN showcasing a model sports franchise that does things a better way. With home grown ballplayers that not only have solid well rounded talent, but also seems like cool people to hang out with; you know, like the local boys that the whole small town routes for, and everyone knows everyone (including there gossip) at the games...
    And, while the rest of the country goes to there average ballparks, and route for there average ballteams, in average cities, we get to spend our long summers days at the #1 beach, our long summer evening at the coolest ballpark watching the best team, capped with long summer nights fishing on the boat, all within 5 miles. The funniest part is looking more forward to long cold nights in October...

    • don says:

      Isn't Pinellas Co. Florida beautifull......Off to the Trop. tonight..
      Hey would you like to move to a slum in Tampa...wouldn't that be wonderful?

  3. Beth says:

    My recollection is that Upton moved to bunt but then didn't -- don't recall if he "offered" and missed, or if he pulled the bat back.

  4. This team very well may be the best team the Rays have ever fielded..The only question coming into 2012 was the offense and scoring runs..So far its not been a problem..Still nothing outta SS and catcher but they can and WILL make a move to improve that if need be...If pictching and defense win championships things are right on track...I know its way early but the Rays are the best team in the AL so far.......

  5. Richard Black says:

    Namirsolo has it right - and the video is on the Rangers' Web site if you don't think so. Zobrist was running but stopped when there was no bunt. Longoria, coming from third, had to get more of a jump - assuming there was a bunt and the play would be at the plate or first.

    If you really think Upton doesn't miss signs or just go about his business as if he's a one-man show, Upton did this exact same thing last year with Longoria at third and Kotchman at first. Both runners took off as if there was a squeeze - and Upton just stood at the plate with his "what, me worry?" look.

    Oh . . . and on the play last year, it was Kotchman who was picked off.

  6. Andy says:

    Tho I like your overall summary of this gr8 series (including Dirtbag's screw-ups), I find it scary to read 'Kazmir-like' connected to David Price!!! Plz say it ain't so!!! :{


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