OK, raise your hand if you thought the Rays would run through the brutal schedule of April winning nearly twice as many games as losses. Quick, who guessed? Anyone?

Joe’s pretty sure no one. Not even after five glasses of wine would Merlot Joe even suggest the Rays would be 15-8 for the month of April, atop the AL East.

That’s exactly where the Rays stand as the final minutes of April tick off the clock. Joe’s of the mind this demonstrates just how special this team is. Facing the Yankmees, Blowsux, Jays, Rangers, Angels and Twinkies and come out with 15 wins is really, really impressive.

Tonight, after tanking too many at-bats to count, Elliot Johnson — ELLIOT JOHNSON! — came through with a single in the bottom of the 12 to finish what was a wonderful pitching duel between Hellboy and King Felix with both team’s bullpens pitching in.

The only thing troubling about this win is that Dirtbag suffered some weird looking injury running from first to second and will have an MRI.

Still, it didn’t appear to be a major injury and the future looks really good for the 2012 season for the Rays



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