Joe is back with his post-game thoughts…

Bringing Jake McGee into a tie game to throw fastballs to two hot-hitting, All-Star fastball hitters qualifies as glorious Joe Maddon tinkering. It didn’t work today.

McGee was lucky Miguel Cabrera didn’t take his eighth-inning, grooved meatball downtown and only reached on a double before Prince Fielder drove him in with the winning run.

That’s OK. The genius of Maddon isn’t 100 percent. And surely this wasn’t the Rays’ day for clutch hitting.

Matt Moore looked much like David Price and James Shields did last week, absent his best stuff.

As losses go, Joe can stomach this one amid the snow flurries in Detroit. Perfection wasn’t going to last.





  1. KillaTapes says:

    You're right that Moore did not have his best stuff, but it is encouraging that the youngster had the poise to stick it out and muster up a pretty solid outing! Bats looked a bit off, as they have in the past for day games. Hopefully they can snap out of that trend going into this obscure stretch of early games.

  2. Gus says:

    Wade Davis needs to start that 8th inning. McGee and his lack of command were an accident waiting to happen. Baddenhop also has been shaky all season. Not Maddon's best day.

    Glad for the Molina sighting at the plate.

    Call up Guyer for Pete's Sake. No sane baseball reason he is not on this roster.

  3. Ken says:

    Tough game for the Rays. We did go toe to toe for 7 with one of AL's best. I would trade 2 mph off McGee's fastball for some of J P's movement. His pitch looks so dang straight.
    With Scott and B J out Maddon's ability to play the late inning chess match-up is severely impaired with this roster. It's scary to have to rely on SRod, Briggy, Molina, Vogt, Lobaton and E J as the principal PH's late in the game.
    Agree on the Guyer call up, and what about Rhymes the ex-Tiger and Leslie Anderson the Cuban who is in last year of a 1+M contract.
    Let's get 'em tomorrow. Surely Verlander is due for an off start 🙂

  4. Don says:

    Shields vs Verlander....hum...Who's THE man?

  5. Andy says:

    I would have rather seen JP at that point in the game than McGee!! Questionable call to me.

    Also, I thought Molina was a stud behind the plate. What's with the balls getting by him that have cost us 2 runs?!!! I know they're wild pitches bouncing in front of him, but young guys like Jaso not blocking similar pitches were called out for poor form; so what's w/Molina getting away w/making those same mistakes???!!

    • Don says:

      Looks like an older Shopp. with the same batting use keeping (young) guys (jaso) who can hit a little bit and could get better catching...we get a 40yr. catcher....


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