Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Is there anything more depressing than getting abused by Kelly Shoppach?

Perhaps watching Josh Lueke pitch would qualify.

Ol’ Sloppy was swinging a big stick today with three hits batting ninth for the Red Sux, who slapped the ball all over the field for a 12-2 win. David Price was awful and the bats have gone dead.

The only silver lining out of this for Joe was Wade Davis’ three scoreless innings with the game still in play.

Hopefully, MLB will clear Jeremy Hellickson to pitch tomorrow. If not, you know it’s some sort of anti-Rays conspiracy.





  1. Sam Bliesner says:

    Super impressed with Wade Davis. I feel like the bullpen does him extremely well, and we'll see productive relief innings from him. Lueke was definitely not fun to watch....

    • Tone says:

      Wade is a mixed bag; I am doubtful he can be used as a "go-to guy" in the late innings. The bullpen sucks. Rodney and JP Howell have looked good in their small showings, but they're not exactly known for having much sustained success in recent years. The rest of the pen is pretty much chum for teams like the Sox/Yanks/Tigers to feed on.

  2. Michael says:

    I dream of a day when David Price develops a second pitch. ANY pitch. I don't care if it's a Screwball, just get a second pitch.

    He does not fool veteran hitters at all.

  3. Don says:

    Price STINKS: and I have said that since mid 2011....look it up on old posts..He was major trade bait last year for a catcher/SS.....
    Now what's he worth
    Maddon is big on dressing up baseball players...Joe how about your pitching staff show up with bags on their heads tommorow...the one that gives up 3 hits to Big Stud Shoppach...He never got 3 hits in a month with the Rays..His fault or coaching....just asking..

    • Tone says:

      Price's trade value is obscenely high. I'm sure you're a nice guy, but clearly you have zero idea of what you're talking about when it comes to players' value. Can Price be frustrating? Yes. Does he have a history of choking in playoff games/big games? Yes. Is he a very good starting pitcher? Yes. The dude is still developing; big lefties are known to take a little more time to develop. Right now the biggest weakness on this team has nothing to do with starting pitching and everything to do with the bullpen.

      • don says:

        The Scouts are on the phone right now looking for 3 inning starting pitching that throws a 95mph fastball and has no idea where its going, 12 wins last year, probably won't match that this year, HOW much trade value does he Have, because as you say I don't know, I do know its less than when he was a so called "all star" Unload now Rays, Cobb/Davis/torres, are ready

  4. Tone says:

    The bullpen is a huge chink in this team's armor. Luke Scott and BJ Upton will become regulars shortly. Some here might scoff at BJ returning, but he plays a great center field, which allows Joyce to be platooned(as he should be) and the overall outfield defense is better for it. The Elsbury "double" today is likely caught if Jennings is in Left and maybe Price does not completely implode. A 12-2 loss is just as much a loss than a 3-2 loss. Beckett owns the Rays and so does today's starter as well. As Rays fans, the biggest concern is this year's pen. Joel Peralta looks like garbage right now, which really only gives Joe JP Howell and Rodney as guys to use in high leverage situations. We might have to get used to seeing teams tear up the late innings until Friedman gets the message and solves this problem.


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