Joe is back with his postgame thoughts….

Tonight was about as fun and soothing as it gets.

Seriously. After a 5-0 spanking of the Angels, we can all pretend David Price is a perennial Cy Young candidate again and that there’s enough pop in the lineup to win in the postseason. Four early solo dingers (ranked in order of beauty) from Carlos Pena, his 1,000th career hit, Desmond Jennngs, Luke Strangebeard and B.J. Upton, who clanged the left field foul poll on a glorified popup, put this one out of reach.

Evan Longoria treated the crowd of 15K (a strong Tuesday) to a sparkling play on a bunt and everything’s happy all around. The Rays might even be in first place by the stroke of midnight!

It’s still too early to worry about Ben Zobrist and Sean Rodriguez looking terribly uncomfortable at the plate, so don’t do it.

Just roll with everything feeling just about perfect right now.




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  1. Andy says:

    Don't forget about Matt Joyce's GR8 DIVING GRAB early in the game?!!! Hope JoeMad rests him less & Zobrist/Rodriguez more given current hitting production!!


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