Man, oh, Merlot Joe did the Rays need this one.

After the Rays had their pitching staff, specifically their bullpen, lit up for batting practice by the Chowds, leave it to “Big Game” James Shields to shut out the BoSux, on Patriots Day no less.

Just a tremendous day for Shields who allowed four hits while coming “this close” to a perfect game. KungFu Rodney came in and with his crooked cap, closed the door on the Sux, leaving Cody Ross to whine like a little girl at the plate umpire, throwing his helmet and bat in the dirt after looking at a Rodney pitch to end the game.

The Derek Shelton Warriors were at it again today. The Rays scored the lone run of the game on a bases-loaded walk. Thank goodness Shields was dominant.

The way the Rays bullpen has performed, sans Rodney, and the virtual nonexistent offense from the lower part of the Rays batting order, it will take pitching like the type Shields tossed today, three or four times a week from the Rays starters, for the Rays to stay in the race.


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  1. don says:

    Thank God for Rodney, I knew I like Him when he tried to bean Tompkin with a fast Ball to the Press Box...Our "Closer"


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