Typically, if you can stake James the Greater to a 4-run lead, that is a guaranteed win. But by the time he left the game, the Rays were trailing 6-5.

One would think that the last problem Shields would have would be with a veteran catcher like Jose Molina. Well, apparently there is a get-to-know-you curve. And it is steep.

After Shields was pulled from the game, he appeared to have a few harsh words for Molina in the dugout. Kudos to Molina for appearing to just let Shields vent and get whatever it was off his chest.



  1. Dew says:

    I saw Shields shaking off a lot of pitches from the first inning on. Having been a pitcher myself, I think what we might have here is a catcher that thinks he should call the game and a pitcher that wants to call his own pitches. Shields was pissed many times trying to change Molina's signs.

  2. Tim says:

    I'd like to know what happened to Shield's curveball. As we saw last year, and with 2010, Shields is a completely different pitcher when he uses his curve.

  3. Michael says:

    Mark Topkin says that this was not an argument, Shields was just venting about a call while facing Brett Gardner.

    West called a half dozen balls at the knees that could have been strikes on a better day.

  4. David says:

    Are we sure it's not about that squibber that Swisher hit where Shields moved about 50 feet to get to the ball and Molina had about 15 feet and Shields beat him to the play? I'm pretty sure any of our crappy catchers in the previous 4-5 years would have made that an easy out at first.

    If Molina is indeed that slow and unquick (you don't have to be fast to move 15 feet, just quick), he will be a liability in the field.

  5. Andy says:

    So far, after these 2 games, all of the parts that Management brought in have already proven their worth, giving fans a lot of optimism for more of the same throughout the year!!! Except for Molina!! 🙁 In terms of just the catching duties, it seemed like Jaso would have done better on Friday - both from the Trop perspective & watching the SunSports replay. Hope he perks up!!!

  6. Dave L says:

    One thing about Sheilds last year was he kept his emotions in check and stayed on a relatively even keel all year. Hopefully this is just one frustrating game and he hasnt regressed attitude wise.

    I too did not realize Molina was that sluggish. After our catching recently I assumed anybody named Molina would be an upgrade now not so sure.

    Its early though and nice to be 2-0 regardless


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