Here’s our daily recap of last night’s action with the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

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  1. Dave L says:

    Catwalk cam would be perfect for giving us all the shifts.

    I am really surprised the rays TV broadcasters have actually downplayed the degree to which the Rays are shifting against almost everybody.

    I think for every batter they should be showing us the defensive shifts at the beginning of every at bat either visually or by telling us where a signifigant shift is taking place.

    So many times the other team bats the ball and I have no idea if its good or not because I have no idea of our everchanging positioning.

    I noticed the radical shifting in the Yankees series since the first game I attended this year (game2) in person

    If this time would be taken from the endless minutes of closeups on every pitchers face it would be informative and make the game more aesthetically pleasing to experience, especially in Hi Def.

    By the end of each season I have become intimately acquainted with every pore and blemish on the face of every starting pitcher in the american league.

  2. Dan R. says:

    Dave L, I could not agree more ! ! I love being in the seats for the simple reason that I can look at what "I" want to see. . . I am certainly hoping that the "out of the box" thinking exercised by the entire organization will quickly work it way into the Sun Sports folks and provide us many more details when we aren't able to put our butts in the seats. .


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