See that plane at right, flying high above The Trop? That is a Red Bull racing plane. And one of the two people inside the plane is Evan Longoria.

If you have ever watched these planes, it is like snowboarding several hundred feet up in the air, and it’s nuts.

Well, apparently Longo is now endorsing Red Bull products, and part of this deal includes him going for a ride in one of these planes with air racing champion Kirby Chambliss (you can read more and see some pictures over at

And that ride wasn’t just a cruise around the skies of St. Pete. No, they did stunts. Yes, the best played on the Rays was doing stunts in a plane. And based on the growth of his Wolverine-style scruff, we’d say this occurred during spring training.

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  1. Andy says:

    How Wildly Wonderful!!! Glad Evan didn't lose his lunch, but what @ Rays management? They might have given they could watch their best prized investment hurdling toward earth/sea!! lol


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