Make no mistake, no manager is more careful with his words than Joe Maddon. That’s why the following quote caught our attention (via Marc Topkin)…

“They’re just really hot right now. It’s like they know what’s coming almost. They’re on every pitch.”

Now, maybe Maddon really just thinks the Red Sox came home and suddenly got really, really, hot against one of the best starting rotations in baseball.

Or maybe Maddon suspects that the Red Sox are stealing signs and wants them to know that: a) the Rays are now paying attention; and b) if true, it’s not cool.

So why didn’t Maddon just come out and wonder aloud if he really thinks the Red Sox are stealing signs? Because that would have caused a shit storm. Instead, Maddon sent a message with plausible deniability.

Or maybe Maddon just thinks the Red Sox are super duper hot and the Rays pitchers just aren’t that good *wink, wink*.



  1. Rob says:

    If Maddon had evidence they were stealing signs I think he would just say so. If he is fishing, then that is a bigger problem because that means he doesn't know why his pitchers are stinking up the joint.

  2. DRR says:

    Moore had problems tipping pitches when he was in Durham. Makes sense that he is doing it again.

  3. Boxauthor says:

    It's interesting to me (and I may be speaking too soon here) that Joe makes this comment yesterday and today the Sox have 2 hits in 5 innings. Maybe just coincidence. . .

  4. Beth says:

    Couldn't it just be Shoppach's familiarity with the Rays pitchers? I assume the Red Sox signed him in part for that reason.

    And is stealing signs actually illegal, anyway? I assumed it was up to teams to protect their communications.

    • DRR says:

      It would depend on how they are stealing signs, but likely not. There is a big difference between a runner on second using hand signals to the batter and having someone in the outfield seats with a high powered camera lens and a radio into the dugout.

      If it was the much more likely first situation, the unwritten rules are you do it until they call you out on it and then you stop.

  5. don says:

    Next Maddon will blame the Russians....stealing his game plan...
    OH he doesn't have one, so forget must be those bats the Red Sox are using....something is wrong..hey Joe..


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