As will happen every few months, Bud Selig will hold court with the media, and inevitably, the stadium situations in Oakland and Tampa Bay are brought up. And for the most part, the comments are always the same.

Here are Selig’s most recent comments (via The Washington Post)…

“I’m always hopeful when there are debates amongst clubs, I try to lead teams in a direction of solving their problems themselves…However, this group has an interesting comment whenever they get in trouble: ‘That’s why you’re here, Commissioner.’ That’s what they tell me. I don’t know that that’s a particularly good answer. … We’ve had a lot of meetings, spent an enormous amount of time. I’ve just met with both clubs again and we’ll continue along this process…Asked whether there could be a solution that wouldn’t anger one of the Bay Area teams, Selig responded: “Time will tell. I’m always hopeful. I’m an optimist, and I really believe that every problem has a solution to it. The question is just finding the right one, and so far I’ve been lucky on that score. And so I hope my string of luck will continue…[The Rays] need a new ballpark, there’s no question…I talked a lot to Stu Sternberg and he’s talking to people. He and I have had many conversations, and we’ll just monitor the situation. He’s doing what he should do. He’s there, he’s talking to all parties trying to see what he can do.”

And scene.



  1. Matt says:

    ::yawn:: Can someone wake me up when it's over?

  2. MarkE says:

    Can we please stop. Please.

  3. don says:

    You want to shut up Bud Selig...ask "him how much money ML baseball is willing to put up to pay for a baseball Stadium in Tampabay"....Guarantee you will not get a response.....
    He wants little old ladies in St. Pete and bums in tampa to pay for it...not him or the Rays...thats not fair

  4. Dave says:

    It's "End scene." That's why it comes at the end.


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