Well, the injuries are starting to add up. But while BJ Upton and Reid Brignac may still be able to go on opening day, it is looking more and more like Sam Fuld will not. According to Marc Topkin of TampaBay.com, Fuld will see a doctor “with surgery likely.” [TampaBay.com]

[Update] Fuld will get a second opinion on his wrist. But if he does have surgery, there is a good chance he will miss most if not all of the season (via Roger Mooney).

“If I went the surgery route, I don’t know the time table, but I think I will be back at some point (this season).”

If Fuld does start the season on the Disabled List (which seems likely at this point even without surgery), look for Brandon Guyer to make the opening day roster. Another possibility is Jesus Feliciano who has received a lot of playing time this spring at all three outfield spots. However, with Flash Jennings able to play center field, it is less important for the fourth outfielder to be able to play that position.



  1. Sarah says:

    He was complaining about an injured wrist at the end of last season. So why not take care of this in November, with a chance to be healed by April?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Unfortunately this happens a lot. The Red Sox are going through the same thing with Carl Crawford right now. Who knows. Maybe they think rest will fix it and sometimes it doesnt work. Maybe the player thinks it is getting better because he just isnt using it and then all of the sudden he starts doing baseball things and bam.

      • Sarah says:

        I do understand that. But it still seems odd to me that he (or Crawford, or whoever) wouldn't have used the time to consult the appropriate specialist and have tests done (the report on Fuld mentions an MRI) to anticipate these problems. Presumably it's worth it to the Rays to spend a few thousand dollars on precautionary tests to avoid losing the services of a player.

        Well, too late for that now. I'm just disappointed, because although I have no illusions that Fuld is "super Sam", I think he's a versatile asset to the team, especially with both Upton and Jennings nursing injuries. Are we really going to end up with Elliot Johnson playing center field?

  2. Don says:

    Feliciano has the experience..and I think Guyers going to have plenty of problems on his mind besides baseball this summer..
    If its true Bush got a $3mil plus bonus in 2005 and he has "only" $2000 in assets he ought to go to Jail for just being stupid...


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