Personal injury attorney Matt Dolman

A consumer-unfriendly bill was passed by the Florida Legislature late last week and Clearwater auto accident attorney Matt Dolman is speaking out on his blog.

“I find the bill to be a half-hearted effort at curbing fraud and greatly limits the consumers? right to pick their physician and seek treatment following an auto accident or motorcycle wreck.

“We saw Jeff Atwater (Florida?s Chief Financial Officer) speak out publically against lawyer referral services and some of the less than honorable tactics employed by entities such as 411 Pain and 1-800 Ask Gary in referring clients to medical providers they have a for-profit relationship with. There have been numerous stories in recent months regarding the relationship between 1-800 Ask Gary and Physicians Group, LLC., and the allegation raised in several lawsuits that consumers who called the lawyer referral hotline were directed by 1-800 Ask Gary to an attorney who in turn referred the auto accident victim to Physicians Group, LLC. for medical treatment. The consumers alleged that neither 1-800 Ask Gary nor the attorney/law firm disclosed the relationship between 1-800 Ask Gary and Physicians Group, LLC. …

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