[EARLIER] Rays minor league pitcher Matt Bush was arrested this evening for leaving the scene of an accident in which another person was injured (via Roger Mooney of TBO.com). We will add details as we get them, but at this point, considering Bush’s history, we just hope alcohol was not involved.

[UPDATE 1] It is now being reported by Roger Mooney that Bush is indeed being charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and that the accident involved “serious injuries.” He has also been charged with driving with a suspended license and DUI with property damage.

[UPDATE 2] It is being reported by WinkNews.com that Bush hit a motorcycle from behind “throwing a 72-year-old off the bike.” The accident happened shortly after 5:00 pm in Port Charlotte.

[UPDATE 3] According to WTSP.com, the driver of the motorcycle is in serious condition.

[UPDATE 4] Ugh. Now it is getting ugly. According to ABC-7.com, “Literally the tire on the SUV ran over the driver’s head.” The driver was wearing a helmet.

[UPDATE 5] You can see Bush’s mugshot in this post. [Rays Index]

Bush, who was the top pick in the 2004 draft by the San Diego Padres, has a history of arrests. He was first arrested after an altercation outside of a nightclub only weeks after being drafted. He was also arrested twice in 2009, one for assaulting a high school athlete while intoxicated. In addition, Bush is a recovering alcoholic, having spent several months in a rehab center before signing with the Rays.

This latest arrest is unfortunate because it appeared that Bush had straightened his life out and was finally close to making it to the big leagues as a pitcher. While he was not likely to make the opening day roster, there was a good chance he would have been seen at some point during the season.



  1. Doug Milhoan says:

    Looks like alcohol was involved:

    RMooneyTrib @RMooneyTrib
    #Rays Bush charged with fleeing the scene w/serious injuries, DWLSR w/serious injuries, DUI w/serious injuries, DUI w/property damage

  2. Matt says:

    I wonder if he'll be released for this. I know he has talent but he is a repeat offender who has just committed his crime while under the influence. Hickey almost got fired for having one DUI several years ago so what does the FO do about Bush. I also know they stuck with Belatti even while he was serving jail time, but I feel since he was a first time offender the Rays kept him.

    • DRR says:

      I think this probably ends his career, regardless of how much jail time is involved.

    • Beth says:

      Matt, you don't seem to get the seriousness of this. It's not comparable to the Jim Hickey situation at all. Bush has prior DUI issues, and in this case he seriously injured someone and fled the scene. Bush could be facing a long prison sentence. How sad for everyone involved.

    • jr says:

      He'll be 30 when he's released from jail. No one is going to give a 30 year old alcoholic a spot when there are so many talented 18 year olds coming out of high school.

  3. He will have a career in football do we need to rehash a dog killer or the goof that shot himself in the leg both playing football AGAIN!

  4. Rob says:

    The only team who would give him a job with his record is the Phildephia Eagles and thats a different sport!

  5. F.O.Vick Lovers says:

    First of all, going back to LaTrell Spreewell (spelling).... who choked his coach and still became a millionaire NBA'er.... Matt will be signed by some BULLSHIT organization who can think of nothing but (Charlie Sheen knock off) WINNINGGG.... And as for Michael "Dog Killer" Vick, yeah like I said, FUCK THAT P.O.S. Once a convict, ALWAYS a CONVICT! Sometimes this country and its bass ackwards views on life completely embarASS the shit out of me!!! (I really am starting to HATE professional (loosely) sports and their over paid, undereducated, backward, "GANGSTA-THUG" mantality's) The only sport I am letting slide, at this point, is Hockey!
    (fyi: The NBA is the WORST!)

  6. Driving Under the Influence and for fleeing the scene of the accident that left a 72-year old motorcyclist in serious condition. I think Matt should keep his *ss in rehab.


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