Yesterday we were digging through some footage from Game 162 of last season. Specifically, we were interested in the fifth inning. Well, while looking for some other stuff, we noticed a couple of funny nuggets (if you follow @corkgaines on Twitter, we apologize, because you guys have already seen these)…

First, check out he AutoWay poll in the fifth inning. How ironic that this was posted only a few innings before the actual best moment of 2011?

Now check out this guy. We don’t know if he was leaving or just going to take a piss. But who spends $250 on a BJ Upton jersey and then gets up and walks out when Upton is batting in the most important game of the year?

And while we are at it, here’s one for the road…



  1. Dre says:

    i love the irony of the first picture. although, i am surprised to see that Sam Fuld's catch isn't listed. still to me it is one of the best of all time, and definitely noteworthy for the 2011 season

    • Sarah says:

      Or for that matter, Fuld's "I don't need no stinkin' cycle" performance in Boston a bit later. What is important about Fuld's catch is that it changed the conversation about the team. The Rays started off with a dismal record, and the end of that first week was dominated by the Manny "retirement" story and Longoria's injury. Fuld's amazing catch and subsequent heroics changed the conversation about the team and the season. I realize that the Rays would never have gotten the wild card without the Boston collapse, but I'm not sure they would have been positioned to take advantage of that collapse without Fuld's stepping up, even briefly, when they needed someone.

      • angrybuddha says:

        The other thing about that catch - or, at least, that first catch (not the one in Chicago) - was that that first week was miserable. As you say, there was the Manny thing and the Longoria injury and the losing streak. And I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who looked at Fuld replacing Crawford as a giant hole on the team.

        And then he makes a great defensive play and you figure... maybe this'll be alright. What the team (and the conversation) needed was some positivity to focus on. And then we got Super Sam, the cape night replacing the Manny Bobblehead giveaway, and the rest of the Fuld-related hype. It was great stuff, just when we all needed it.


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