We don’t know much about this video other than it appears that David Price filmed himself playing basketball with some kids on what appears to be an 8-foot hoop.

And because we know somebody will ask, no, this is probably not a violation of his contract. The standard MLB contract does prohibit participation in sports “involving a substantial risk of personal injury.” And among the sports listed is “professional league basketball.” So pick-up games are kosher.

Here is the video…



  1. Don says:

    If I was Price's age , I would be dunking on a 10 ft. basket, right over his head,does he practice pitching on a little league mound?

    • Tony says:

      Don If I was your age I'd be quiet and play chess at the local park!!! It's almost 4:00 here so I guess your at Golden Corral and then off to bed by 6:00


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