The Rays added two more players to their spring training roster, including former big league outfielder Jeff Salazar (via Marc Topkin). Salazar has played 168 big league games over four seasons with three teams. The last time he was in the big leagues was 2009 with the Pirates. Last year, he hit .228 with a .355 OBP in triple.

The Rays also added Brad Coon, an outfielder that spent the 2011 season in double-A and triple-A for the Dodgers, hitting .269 with a .390 OBP combined.


  • Joel Sherman writes that three teams have concerns about Johnny Damon’s obsession with reaching 3,000 hits, noting that he is no longer as patient at the plate as he had been earlier in his career. [NY Post]
  • Rays consigliere Ken Rosenthal appeared on the Ron and Ian show yesterday and spoke about the Rays stadium situation. [620 WDAE]
  • How bad has it gotten for Scott Kazmir? He will throw today, and the Houston Astros, his hometown team that lost 106 games last year, won’t even bother to send a scout. [Brian McTaggart]
  • Manny Ramirez is getting enough interest from teams that it looks like he will be back in 2012. But if he does, it won’t be with the Orioles. [Fox News]




  1. Charles says:

    It's looking pretty bad for Kazmir. The Astros are bringing in anyone with even the most remote hint of upside to compete for roster spots. If Kazmir's not getting a look, he's surely all done. Very sad.

  2. pete says:

    It's been said that Kazmir's fastball is sitting at around 85mph. I'm glad we got to see his best years here in the bay area, but it appears the Mets front office was right about him breaking down in the future.

    It's sad that this has happened to him but the kid has made a lot of money and it's time for him to hang em up and move on.

    Thanks for the memories Scotty K.

  3. Deadeye says:

    FYI, Houston already saw him workout. That is why they are not sending someone this time (among other reasons like.... he sucks).

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Yes, they did. But that was my point. and was also mentioned by Charles. The Astros will take anybody right now. And here is a lefty in what should be his prime years. And one workout was enough for them to already say "no way."

  4. Mike says:

    I heard Kid K is going to be co-starring in the new season of Eastbound and Down. Kenny Powers and Scott Kazmir, coming soon to a minor league ball park and strip club near you!

    Just kidding. Kaz was and remains my all time favorite Devil Ray. I hope wherever he goes from here he is happy and successful.


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