According to, the Rays have the second-best farm system in baseball, trailing just the San Diego Padres.

If you favor ceiling over probability, you could make a strong argument for having the Rays ahead of the Padres, based on the fact that this system could quite easily produce six to eight players who end up as grade-60 players or better in the majors. After that first tier, however, there’s a lot less probability here than there was a year or two ago, and several executives from other clubs pointed out that the Rays have a gap in their prospect pipeline coming up that will be filled only if some of their 2011 draft picks move faster than anticipated.

This is a lot higher than what others feel about the Rays minor league system. Recently, John Sickels of Minor League Ball, ranked the Rays as the seventh-best organization. While the Rays do have some strong prospects in the lower levels, there is not much in the upper levels after Matt Moore, Hak-Ju Lee, and Alex Torres.



  1. pete says:

    Personally i respect Keith Law's opinion. He gets his eyes on most , if not all of these guys.


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