The Rays won yesterday’s arbitration hearing with Jeff Niemann, who will now make $2.75 million in 2012. The Giraffe had been seeking $3.2 million. The Rays have never lost an arbitration case, moving to 6-0 overall, and 5-0 since Andrew Friedman was named VP of Baseball Operations.

Niemann’s 2012 salary lowers the Rays 2012 projected payroll to $64.3 million. This of course means more money for World Series rings!



  1. Joe says:

    Cool, now trade him or Wade for a C please.

  2. Wizzle says:

    meh. decent for a #5. rather see wade davis traded, but whichever one would bring a catcher back works for me.

    • Joe says:

      When both are healthy, Niemann is one of the best pitchers on the staff but he never stays healthy. I think Wade's long term cheap contract puts him over Jeff for me. Honestly, Alex Cobb might be my choice out of all 3.


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